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My experience of creating my showreel with WE Pictures was brilliant. Everything was done so quickly and professionally, I am very happy with the end result.


After a short consultation Joe came up with some great ideas for scenes and wrote them really well. He had a very clear vision of what would work and this was evident in both the writing and the filming process. The guys were so professional on the day and made me feel so comfortable during filming. He then had the first edit to me within a few days and kept in constant contact to make sure the final product was exactly what I wanted.


I would definitely recommend WE Pictures.

Laura Mercer - ACTOR 





I was looking for someone who responded well to my initial ideas about what kind of scene I wanted. And man did I find it in Joe. From the very first conversation over the phone to the meeting where I got to see the first draft of the scene. All along the whole process I was met by nothing but professionalism at its best.

I am very happy with how it went. You and your crew acted like the pure professionals one always wants to be surrounded by. It made it a hell lot easier to be my best.

So thank you so much for the support.  


Couldn’t be more satisfied with the editing of the scene. It captured the essence of what I had in mind when I first contacted Joe.

This is how a creative collaboration should always be.

Johan Backstrom - ACTOR (Stella Adler Studio Graduate)


I cannot speak highly enough of the service that Joe, Tristan and Charlie provided.  From the outset the guys were excellent; dealing in script consultations, providing new scripts and ideas and making sure we shot exactly what I was looking for.  The shoot was an absolute pleasure, with all the guys knowing and fulfilling their roles in a professional manner ensuring that the shoot was seamless and stress free.


The edit exceeded all expectations.  Again, consulting with me to ensure I got exactly what I was looking for, but mainly because of how prompt a turnaround it was and how the shots looked so amazing after they had been put together.


An excellent service all round that I would recommend to anyone.

Nick Rogers - ACTOR (Our Girl, BT Advertisement)



My experience with WE Pictures was amazing! All the people involved were professional and friendly. They were prepared for everything from beginning to end. I was treated with respect and as a professional. 

I feel that my opinion was respected which made me feel like I was in control of the process. 

Joe and Tristan were creative and paid attention to detail, which made the final result exactly what I was looking for. 

I would recommend them without a doubt!

Thank you!

Mayara Sartori - ACTOR







Extremely happy with my showreel created by WE Pictures. Created great scripts from the ideas that I had, and were really good at getting an understanding of what I wanted and needed to get from it. Fantastic day filming, both the guys were very friendly making you feel very comfortable while performing, by giving helpful pointers it ensured the best shots were obtained from the day. Throughout the editing process, they were really helpful by giving me ideas and listening to the ones that I had, creating a fantastic showreel by the end that I am very proud of. I would highly recommend WE Pictures to any actor that needs to film some scenes or just have it edited, great experience."

Amelia Cain - ACTOR


Joe edited an excellent showreel for me. He was patient and open to suggestions. Joe is very professional and experienced and very efficient. Joe promised me that it would be ready for me within the next few days and it was. He kept in touch with me at each stage of editing and kept me updated. He sent me a few versions of the showreel so I had a choice too and so I could choose from the ones I liked.

I would recommend Joe to all my fellow actors. I am definitely going to use him again for my future showreels.

Monisha Hassen - ACTOR



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