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Terms and Conditions

No footage would be supplied to the client(s) unedited and no raw material can be requested to be edited outside of WE Pictures. Clients will all receive a finalised edited showreel that will have been edited internally within WE Pictures' staffing administration. This is to protect the WE Pictures brand.

In order to reserve a booking for a showreel an inclusive deposit of 50% of the showreel cost per client has to be made and cleared in the account of WE Pictures no less than 10 days prior to the shoot day, and only then will the filming be processed and booked into the system for further development. If for any reason the filming cannot go ahead based on an error from WE Pictures, the deposit of 50% will be refunded to each clients bank account.

This is at the desecration of WE Pictures and WE Pictures reserve the right to not refund any client if they deem it an error of the client and not of the company. If the client(s) cancels or postpones the date of filming on two separate occasions with over 24 hours prior knowledge of the filming date, the client(s) will have to pay a new non-refundable deposit of 50% to secure another date to film.

If actors are needed to be sourced for your scenes, a 10% surcharge of the base cost of the showreel will be added to cover travel expenses for the actors(s). 

If any filming is to be conducted outside of London zones 1-6, the cost of travel will be included into the cost of the service provided by WE Pictures. This will be the cost of any necessary public transport needed to transport both crew and equipment.

If you needed to move your date within 5 days of your filming date, we do have to look after our crew, cast and locations that will have been booked by this point and may have turned down other work to work for you. So, if you cancel within 5 days of your filming date you have 2 choices:

– Book a different date and pay another 50% deposit.

– Pay for your showreel package in full on the day you cancel and we will waive the new deposit fee (saving you 50%) and book you in for a new date free of charge. we call this our ‘good faith policy’.


If the client(s) cancels or postpones the date of filming within 24 hours of the filming date they will have to pay a new 50% non-refundable deposit. This is to cover WE Pictures loss of earnings on the cancelled or postponed date of filming.

Full payment is to be received before or on the day of filming in question. This balance has to be cleared into the account of WE Pictures before midnight the day before the filming date that is booked in with the client(s) or WE Pictures reserve the right to cancel the filming date without refunding the clients deposit.

WE Pictures reserves the right to not show any persons filming material of any kind until the balance for the filming material in question has been paid for in full and has cleared and shown up into the account of WE Pictures. WE Pictures reserves the right to not refund any client(s) upon request. WE Pictures reserves the right whether a re-shoot should take place; this based upon the client(s) not being satisfied with their showreel because of an error from WE Pictures. WE Pictures always reserves the right to refuse a re-shoot free of charge, or a refund for either the deposit or the full amount paid for the showreel in question. We Pictures always reserves the right to cancel a shoot if a client is more than 1 hour late on the filming date. This would incur another 50% deposit for a new shoot date.

On receiving the showreel the client(s) is given 7 days to respond with technical or creative notes that are to be given to the editor for changes. Each client is entitled to as many notes as they want, under the express understanding that all notes have to be given to the editor in one email at one time, within the 7 day period from the time the showreel was delivered to the client(s). After these changes have been made (once the final grading begins) or the 7 day period has elapsed each client will incur a fee of £20 in order for the editor to make any more changes. This £20 pays for another re-edit, as long as the notes come in one email at one time. If the process is needed to be repeated each re-edit will incur a fee of £20 per client.

If a client has had a showreel created by WE Pictures over 6 months ago, the fee for adding additional footage to the reel will be charged reflecting the costs on the 'Re-Edit' section for existing footage showreels. If the payment for a showreel has not been received 10 working days after the due date set on the invoice in question, WE Pictures reserve the right to remove the free re-edit and a cost of £20 per re-edit will be incurred for any charges needed.



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