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Do you just film showreels?

No! We film a whole range of different content including short films, music videos, corporate/brand promotion and documentaries. If you have a query about filming something such as this with us, please get in contact. Visit our portfolio for examples of our work.

What is the showreel making process?

Once you've contacted us regarding your showreel we organise a meet up so that we can decide exactly what you're looking for, the type of character(s) you had in mind and the type of scripted scene(s) you want to use. Once this has been decided, we organise a date(s) for the filming to be done.

WE then go away and sculpt your tailored ideas into bespoke scenes by sourcing any actors you may need (at a 10% surcharge), locations, props etc. ready for your filming day(s).

Once filming is completed, we aim to get a first edit of your scenes to you after a week or so, so that you can look at it, tell us what you like and dislike about them so that we can make any changes that you want. We send back as many edits as it takes to get it looking exactly how you want it! When happy, we cut it into your showreel!

Once we have a final product you can walk away and use it to your heart's content. We will also show all of our friends on social media so that you can get as much exposure as possible! Please see full terms and conditions for more details.

Where do we film scenes?

It completely depends on the scene(s). We try to make your content as diverse as possible, and this means sourcing some fantastic locations. We do try to keep our travel within London Zones 1-6 to make it as affordable as possible for everyone!

How many days do we film?

We try and fit as much into 1 day as possible. 3/4 scenes may need an extra day, but this will  be decided once scripts are written. If for whatever reason an extra day is added unnecessarily by the client, a surcharge of 20% of the basic showreel cost will be added for the day.

Do you write the scenes for showreels?

Yes we do! However, you do have the choice to write them yourselves as we do add a surcharge of £20 per scene. We do recommend that we write your script(s), often because it's better performing words not from your own mouth. 

Do you source actors?

Yes we do! However, you do have the choice to source your own actors as we do add a surcharge of 10% of the basic showreel cost.

What about costume?

This depends on the scene(s). We send out a call sheet prior to your shoot letting you know if you need to bring any specific costume (or props).

Do you just edit footage?

Yes we do! Contact us regarding this and we can discuss options.

What format do I receive the final product?


We will send you an mp4. file in a lower resolution so that you can upload and use your material online. On request we can also supply you with a high quality mov. file for personal use. 



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